In order to provide a full range of services to our larger vertical market and bespoke customers, Glenfield have a highly skilled in-house networking team who are able to provide, configure, install and support complex hardware setups to our user base.

Built around Dell hardware and Microsoft Windows Server systems, Glenfield have installed many large single and multi-site networks which integrate with our existing internet services to enable enterprises to have access to real time data from anywhere in the world.

Each server and network install is built around a standard set of components which ensure ongoing reliability of these critical setups. All of Glenfields’ network solutions include off-line battery backups, pre-configured backup routines and full enterprise anti-virus configuration as standard. Glenfield are also able to provide all the relevant PC hardware, printers and internet access routers to turn your existing local networks into wide-area networks utilising existing internet connections.

Our in-house network team provide a full range of post sales support. An annual environment support contract enables them to monitor your networks performance remotely, with pro-active notifications such as backup monitoring included as part of the service.

Coupled with our full range of internet services and existing or bespoke software solutions, Glenfield can provide a single point of procurement and maintenance for all of your initial and ongoing IT requirements.