The Stock Control module provides fully featured stock control throughout ElectroSoft. Details maintained within this module are available to all of the relevant programs within Electrosoft. The Stock module forms part of the Base module, with the Customer and Supplier modules.

Stock is split into two definitive categories, main and sundry items. Main items are usually associated with a serial number, and are those where you would normally wish to hold full customer details. All main items are generated from the Products program, which enables you to keep a template of all the models that you wish to process within the system. Sundry items are classed as those where you would not wish to keep customer detail, such as accessories and miscellaneous items.

Full history is maintained against each main stock item, allowing future enquiry on all sales, rentals, service jobs and customer details. The second-hand VAT margin system allows for VAT allocation of traded in items to be handled correctly. Stock transfer programs allows for stocked items to be transferred from one location to another, producing full audit reports for confirmation at either end of the transfer.

The stock module also supports full barcoding facilities for integration into the other modules in the system. Single thermal labels or sheets or laser labels can also be printed at various stages, each printing a scanable barcode if specified.

Comprehensive enquiry and reporting facilities are available. User-defined product grouping enables stock analysis details to be quickly and effectively produced.

Full Stock Control
Multiple stock locations
Product grouping
Serial number tracking
Full barcoding
Stock transfers
Second hand VAT