The Service module allows for the control and administration of all service jobs processed through your service department. Full integration to the relevant modules within ElectroSoft enables information relating to customers and products to be easily retrieved. Likewise, full service history is retained against any previously serviced product.

Comprehensive details can be held against each service job, including user-definable job statuses. Users can then select jobs by job status for either on-screen enquiry or reports. Full integration to the IRIS coding system is also available as standard.

After initial job entry, users can continue to update job detail with parts used, labour costs invoked and job status. Within a multi-user installation, all users can see the current status of any job, allowing for staff at point of sale or back office to deal efficiently with customer enquiries.

Once a service job is completed, the customer can be provided with a simple invoice, or a more detailed invoice documenting cost of parts and labour involved in the repair.

Full reporting facilities include outstanding job lists, job lists by engineer and completed jobs awaiting invoicing.

Comprehensive job detail
Breakdown of parts and labour
User-definable descriptions
Job sheet and invoice production
Alternate customer for claims
Communication logging
Multiple payments
Parts ordering
Reference manual locations
Full IRIS coding