The Sage Line 50 Link provides a link between ElectroSoft and the Sage Line 50 range of accounting products.

At any given time, details can be posted across from ElectroSoft directly into the Sage nominal ledger. A fully featured set of programs allows for your Sage nominal structure to be mapped directly to all the relevant transaction and account types within ElectroSoft.

Transaction information can be grouped on a per-module basis if required, allowing only for transaction totals to be journalled directly into the nominal ledger, keeping your Sage accounts as concise and clear as possible. Alternatively, transactions can be posted across on a one-for-one basis, allowing for full analysis within Sage if required.

Cost of sales information and supplier invoice details can also be posted across if required. User defined analysis codes can also be entered against relevant documents within ElectroSoft, enabling you to breakdown sales analysis figures in Sage to your own specific requirements.

The Sage Posting program allows for the posting of all un-posted transactions into Sage, as well as a re-posting of a previously posted batch of transactions. Comprehensive reporting is also provided as an audit trail of each post.

Direct posting to Sage Line 50
Fully definable nominal codes
Post supplier invoices
Post cost of sales
Stock opening/closing balances
Full audit reporting of each post