The Organiser module is split into two main areas – a scheduler providing full diary facilities and an internal call logging system. Both of these new programs are fully integrated into the rest of the Electrosoft system.

The schedule program allows for diaries to be maintained for any number of ‘entities’. An entity can be defined as anything that you wish to book appointments for – salespeople, demo rooms, vehicles etc. Each entity can be set up with unique start and end times for the working day. Stand alone appointments can then be created against any selected entity. Appointments can be added as single or fully recursive appointments. Existing appointments can be viewed in either day (see below), week or month view.

The scheduler is fully integrated into the delivery processes already in Electrosoft. For example, a delivery date against a sales order can be booked directly onto the scheduler screen, and a link is created between the sales order and the scheduler. Any changes to the appointment within the scheduler are automatically updated against the relevant sales order.

The call logging facility enables users to keep track of calls, messages and activities. Calls can be logged against any salesperson in the system. The Calls Waiting screen provides a single viewpoint of all outstanding calls within the system. Ongoing calls can be updated with the latest free-form status, and flagged as completed once the call is closed. Full enquiry facilities allow for analysis of completed calls.

The call logging system is also fully integrated with the customer action dates within Electrosoft. Updating a next action date against a customer automatically creates a call log entry for the relevant salesperson.

Integration with standard Electrosoft data means that the scheduler and call log data is available to every PC on your system, using the same multi user constraints as the rest of the package.

Individual diaries
Link for deliveries
Day/week/month view
Call logging
Links to customer details