in-house credit

The In-House Credit module allows you to control customer credit agreements offered by yourselves, with full integration to the sales, stock and customer databases.

Comprehensive details can be held against each in-house agreement, allowing for multiple items to be held against each agreement. Quick and accurate enquiry and reporting facilities give up-to-date status reports on all agreements within the system.

In-house credit periods can be specified as either monthly or weekly, and spread over a user defined number of periods. Agreements can be created either at point-of-sale directly from a sales order or invoice, or stand-alone where no corresponding sales data exists (for example when importing data from a previous system).

Payments can be made against existing agreements using the fast batch entry program, or via the automatic payment screen for direct debit or standing order payments. Individual payments can also be made.

Extensive reporting and enquiry programs allow for the on-screen or printed production of overdue payment lists, overdue letters and in-house customer statements.

Integration to existing data
Overdue payment enquiry
Overdue letters
Automatic payments
Fast batch payments
Full payment history
Communication logging
Payment reminders