The Customer module holds full customer details, and is accessible by all of the modules within ElectroSoft. New customers can be added directly from relevant programs within the system or imported from external data sources via the Customer Import program. The Customers module forms part of our Base module, with the Stock and Supplier modules.

A comprehensive mail-shot facility is available to print labels, letters or export to file. Exported details can be used with a wide range of existing Windows products to produce, for example, mail merges within Microsoft Word. Alternatively, the built-in word processing features of the system enable the user to automate the mailshot process from customer selection to letter production all within Electrosoft. Single address labels can also be output to selected thermal printers.

Customer profiling by user-defined topics enables precise marketing, giving you the ability to target existing or potential customers via a range of your own specified criteria.

The Customer History screen enables full historical financial information to be viewed from a single screen.

Full reporting facilities include the options of printing customer statements, debtors lists and historical sales lists.

Full system integration
Customer profiling
Single address labels
Data exports
Customer statement print