The Sony B2B module allows for integration between Electrosoft and Sony’s Dealernet system. The module also provides full JIT (Just-In-Time) functionality for weekly re-ordering of stock directly from Sony.

The JIT functionality within this module allows for the standard set of JIT products to be setup. Once this is done, a weekly task can be run which will generate all stock and sales information for this range of products. The JIT figures can then be amended to suit. Once the retailer is happy with the figures for re-ordering, a JIT export file is created which can then be uploaded directly into Dealernet.

Once the JIT has been processed by Dealernet, the retailer can then confirm the JIT details on receipt of despatch confirmations. This will create purchase orders within Electrosoft for the confirmed JIT items, and these can then be booked in as normal when the items physically arrive. Any items not received on the first delivery can be confirmed at a later date, at any point up to the creation of the next JIT file.

The Sony B2B module also allows for a variety of Electrosoft data to be electronically uploaded to a users Sony FTP mailbox. Purchase orders generated in Electrosoft can be uploaded to the Sony system, saving any duplication of effort on the retailer’s part as the order is only generated once.

Stock and Sales information can also be exported automatically to the FTP system via the extensive reports and exports functionality within Electrosoft.

Full Sony JIT integration
Purchase order upload
Stock and Sales upload