retra insurance services

The Retra Insurance Services (RIS) B2B module allows for full integration between Electrosoft and RIS’s own in-house software system.

Because of Glenfield’s close links with Retra and RIS, we are able to provide an annual import file containing the extended warranty rates from RIS. These can then be imported directly into Electrosoft. If required, product types can be setup against each Electrosoft product so that the extended warranty rate is automatically allocated to each product. Alternatively, the required rate can be selected at point of sale when selling extended warranty with the product.

The extensive reporting facilities within Electrosoft allow for a batch return to be printed at any time. This report can then be sent to RIS for processing into their internal system.

The RIS module also allows for an export file for late solicitations to be created and sent electronically to RIS. This enables all of the processing of the lates to be handled by RIS, removing the burden of contacting the customer from the retailer altogether.