postcode lookup

Electrosoft integrates seamlessly with the Capscan range of postcode products. When activated, the Postcode add-in enables postcode lookup functionality throughout the system.

When adding any address within the system, Electrosoft allows for just a house number and postcode to be entered. This will then perform a lookup into the Royal Mail postcode database to retrieve the full address against the entered details. The lookup is done over the internet so there is no need for any software or postcode data to be installed on the PC. This ensures that address information is accurately captured and properly formatted. The result: more effective marketing campaigns, reduced costs and lower direct mail wastage through fewer duplicates, lower levels of undeliverable mail and improved efficiency.

Capscan is a leading supplier of international address management solutions and quality data services. They provide more than 1800 customers worldwide with address management solutions across a wide range of business sectors. Glenfield have been working with Capscan to delivery quality online and in-store solutions to our client base that meet the very specific needs of the electrical retail industry.